Tango Argentino

You will learn to dance and to live the experience of Tango, the way argentines do in Buenos Aires. Working not only in the technique of the dance, but learning as well to understand the essence of the embrace and how to make it yours.

Dancing Tango is not only doing steps that you learn, is becoming one with your partner and the music and getting lost in the embrace.

In Tango there is a constant communication between the man and the woman: He takes care of her and she gives herself to his lead, they complement each other, both dance for eachother becoming one thru the movemnt which at the same time becomes one with the music.

Andres Bezem was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He started dancing Tango in 1997

His main teachers, not the first ones, but those who gave a form to his way of understanding Tango are Vilma Vega e Fernando Galera.

As with any dancer, Andrés improved and “spiced” his Tango learning with many other teachers such as Carlos Copello, Osvaldo Zotto e Lorena Ermocida, Roberto Reis e Guillermina Quiroga, Milena Plebs, Nito ed Elba, Julio Balmaceda e Corina de la Rosa, Claudia Codega ed Esteban Moreno, Chicho Frumboli, Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira and Roberto Herrera

The base of his way of teaching is the connection between the couple, the way both partners communicate with each other through the language of the body, starting with an “intention” originated in the man’s chest which becomes a simultaneous movement for both the man and the woman.

Throughout his lessons Andrés emphasizes the importance of a light lead (guide), the proper use of the axis and how to use the energy created by the movement, obtaining thus an elegant dance in both men and women.

Tango is a vertical expression of an horizontal desire.


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